Services Offered

Services Offered (Hospitality and Residential)

The following is a list of design services provided. The time billing hours are broken down into separate categories in order to provide the best value to my clients. For those hours that do not require design expertise (Expediting and Administration Services), the cost is a reduced amount. In addition to the hourly rates, I charge a 35% mark up above cost on any purchased furnishing, labor or shipping relating to furnishing, or labor to modify existing furnishings. My clients have been extremely happy with this fee structure and feel they receive an excellent product for the cost. Invoicing will be issued on a monthly basis for time spent on the following Interior Design services.

    Interior Design
  • General design services including but not limited to client meetings and consultation; shopping and selection of furniture and furnishings; material specification and selection; drafting of floor plans, furniture layouts and elevations; construction management and specification; obtaining vendor quotes and product availability; providing estimates and deposit requests to client; client correspondence and jobsite installations.

  • Expediting a billing item falls into this category only after the client has placed an order. Services include writing purchase orders and vender specification; obtaining finish samples; monitoring and updating order status; scheduling deliveries.

  • Administration Services
  • General clerical duties including but not limited to sample returns; film development; distribution of packages for overnight delivery or mail; reproduction services.

Additional Hospitality Services Offered
In addition to the above standard interior design assistance, we bring our hospitality clients other unique services.  Our hotel re-imagining includes assistance in the development of hotel image products and amenities, the introduction of hotel spa and / or lounge facilities, in room binders, hotel and room signage, obtainment of liquor licenses, and more.  We would be pleased to discuss your specific project goals and needs with you directly as we view each property as a unique entity.

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